Sounds of Planet


New Combis and Programs

Designer Grzegorz Marciak

Web : presents new combis and new sounds for the Korg Kronos


KRS 113 "Greatest Hits - 80’s” combis this is the first such pack, where to play complete world’s cover,there is no need for ANY external sources, like additional audio or midi files, samples, musical parts played by other instruments or even extra band playing drum, bass, guitar or other instrumental parts. 

So it means EVERYTHING is played by internal resources of Kronos – using its internal edited patches. Specific programs were programmed within each combination by means of Tone Adjust function, what allowed for getting close to original sounds of the 80-ties. 

Karma scenes correspondent to respective blocks of given song, while the chords can be triggered using the pads – they are smartly programmed to reflect original chord sequence of given song. 

New Combinations KRS-113

PRICE: 59,00 $

Combis by Sounds of Planet

KRS 113 Greatest Hits 80's 32 new combis and new User 80 GEs

KRS Bundle Package " ENNE" 64 combis and new User 64 GEs

KRS 112 ATOMS 32 combis and new User 101 GEs

KRS 111 Electronic- Natural 32 combis and new User 64 GEs

KRS 110 Neo Endophin 32 new combis and new User 33 GEs

EXs 177 - Saxophones

This is the library, which offers the highest quality samples of extraordinary instruments, as the saxophones are, and more :

- alto saxophone – two different instruments were recorded by two various musicians : (Jacek Fałdyna and Andrzej Noga),

- tenor saxophone - two different instruments were recorded by two various musicians: (Jacek Fałdyna and Andrzej Noga),

- soprano saxophone (Jacek Fałdyna)

- baritone saxophone (Jacek Fałdyna)

- trumpet (Grzegorz Budziszewski)

All samples have been processed in 24-bit technology at 48000 Hz.

Ex’s 177 Saxophones from Sounds of Planet offers the set of sounds consisting of 

- 128 programs 

- 32 wave sequences 

- 393 MB multisamples 

- 73 MB Streamed

Programs and Multisamples by Sounds of Planet

EXs 177 Saxophones 128 Programs and 393 MB multisamples

EXs 176 Energy 128 Programs and 555 MB multisamples

EXs 175 Accordion 26 Programs  10 Combis and 143 MB multisamples

EXs 112 Ocean Pads 64 Programs and 300 MB multisamples

EXs 111 Earth 128  Programs and 567 MB multisamples

EXs 110 Protein no.1 128  Programs and 412 MB multisamples

Bundle Package ProEarth 264 Programs and 979 MB multisamples